Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pharmaceuticals After Doomsday?

   Millions of people worldwide take prescription medication on a regular basis, most for serious conditions. What are they going to do if this lifeline suddenly stops flowing? If you’re one of these people, and a Prepper as well, then you need to find some way of getting around one of the most controlled markets on the planet and stockpile your meds, or better yet, talk to your doctor about alternative ways to treat your condition without pharmaceuticals. There are real alternatives, but you have to be persistent because it’s not always in a doctor’s best interest to promote less dependency on them, unless he or she’s a naturopath.

   Skipping doses to stockpile your meds is never recommended because you’ve been prescribed that specific dosage for a reason, and how much can you realistically stockpile that way anyway? Purchasing medications on-line typically requires a prescription so there’s no gain in supply that way. If a prescription is not required for an on-line purchase then there’s a serious risk of getting junk medication. On-line suppliers that sell medication without a prescription acquire them from countries that have low standard regulatory systems for quality control, or none at all, and usually come with no guarantee of advertised value. That’s not to say that all medications purchased on-line are junk, but unless you have a lab at your disposal and can verify the medication yourself, there’s no way to be certain that a mail-order medication is what it’s supposed to be. Medication fraud does happen.
   I highly recommend researching alternative forms of therapy and seeking to eliminate pharmaceuticals from your life entirely, no matter what your condition. I’m sure some of you just scoffed and are now considering stopping right here as opposed to reading on about all this “alternative medicine” nonsense (more on your instinctual doubt later, if you stick around).
   Though shroud in misconception and misinformation, there are reliable methods for treating every disease and condition known to mankind -naturally. It’s pretty straight forward science actually -if an ailment is caused by nature, its remedy is also hidden somewhere in nature. In many cases, simply educating yourself on the natural medicinal constituents of different foods and changing your diet accordingly can cure illness and keep you healthy. The myth that natural remedies are a waste of time is just that, a myth. The science of pharmaceuticals has come a long way to be sure, but keep in mind that there’s a good reason why the industry strives to instill fear and doubt regarding natural treatments -trillions of reasons actually. I’m sure some of the natural remedy companies out there just want your money too, so do your research before trusting any company with your health.
   Through trial and error and study of the body’s natural rhythms and energies, over thousands of years, cultures around the world have discovered the health related truths hidden in nature all around and inside of us. Every pharmaceutical product ever fabricated was derived from the chemical structure of one natural source or another, but as the long list of side-effects that accompanies the latest pill shows, when you fabricate nature there can be serious consequences to your health -kind of defeats the point actually, yet we often accept dangerous consequences merely for the illusion of convenience. Aspirin will eat away at the lining of your stomach because it’s not natural, but chewing on a white willow branch just tastes woody. The convenience of some pharmaceuticals really is an illusion these days since you can just as easily purchase white willow bark extract as you can aspirin, but because of the stigma surrounding naturals, millions of people readily choose the option that harms them.
   New medications are the only ways a pharmaceutical company can continue to make money. Medication patents are only temporary so their window of serious profit is short before other companies can make their own versions of the same medication and charge much less -forcing them into a quantity over quality mindset.
   If you live in a modern society, especially the US, you’re inundated from the word go with highly effective, psychological marketing designed to instill distrust of anything not made by a pharmaceutical company, and though they continue to regularly kill people in droves, millions continue to scoff at alternative treatments and line up at the nearest pharmacy -because that’s simply what they were taught believe, not because it’s true. If a restaurant regularly poisoned its customers and yet kept coming up with new dishes, new promises and an ever growing body count, would you really be lining up at their door for dinner? There are real, safe alternatives out there.
   If this post has provoked anger or fear, then you’ve obviously been thoroughly convinced that pharmaceuticals are the only trusted source of treatment and all other options are dangerous. I encourage you to take an honest look at the issue and ask yourself how you came to believe that. Was it through unbiased research on the subject, or simple what you’ve been led to believe? If you’re offended by the notion of being deceivable then get over yourself, don’t take my word for it, take up psychology, but be forewarned -your pride may not like what you find.
   Investigate natural remedies and alternative treatments for yourself, think for yourself, decide for yourself.

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