Friday, February 24, 2012

Greetings Preppers

   Before I start spouting advice I want to emphasize that even though I possess certain skills and knowledge that will greatly increase my chances of survival in any given situation, I probably don’t know you, so I don’t pretend to think I know what’s ultimately best for you. Every situation has different needs and concerns for each of us. I’m happy to share my knowledge, but I encourage each of you to research everything I recommend on your own to better suit your specific needs. Only you can know what’s truly best for you.
   In case you’re new to all this, here are some of the basics. Refer to my other posts where I outline these subjects in more detail.

Water -The experts recommend 3 liters a day for optimal hydration, but this is just a general rule. How much you’re eating, what you’re eating, how much you’re sweating and how humid or dry it is around you are just some of the things that need be considered. Another thing we hear is that you can only last three days without water, thankfully that isn’t a rule. People have been known to survival a week or more without water. Granted these are not common cases, but survival beyond three days in not impossible. Some survivalists recommend rationing your water supply, while others say do not. I tend to fall somewhere in between. Being too worried about tomorrow can seriously hurt your chances of making it to tomorrow, but some measure of frugality needs to be implemented to not be wasteful. Refer to my post "Survival Water Workshop" for more info.

Food -beyond stockpiling more than you think you’ll need, in a survival situation where water supply is a concern there a certain things you want to avoid, like caffeine and alcohol for instance, which will only dehydrate you faster. The body needs a lot of water to break down protein and metabolize sugar, and you want to avoid foods high in sodium as well. Refer to my post "The Frugal Prepper" for more info.

First-Aid -Purchase a first aid-kit that best meets your personal needs. Refer to my posts "The Frugal Prepper", "Pharmaceuticals After Doomsday" and "Baking Soda: An Underestimated Amazement" for more info.

Protection -If you’re not prepared to fight for your life, you’ll be more apt to lose it. Take a self-defense course and/or learn to safely operate a firearm. Refer to my post "Home Security" for more info.

Communication –You should invest in an AM/FM radio, preferable hand crank, battery operated shortwave radio or HAM radio of some sort so you won’t be completely cut off from the rest of the world.

Hope -You can make all the material preparations in the world, but if you’re not mental prepared to face whatever tragedy may come your way, your chances of surviving it are slim. Every survival story I’ve come across from animal attacks to being lost in the wilderness was punctuated with their will and determination to survive. Do not panic, no matter how bleak your situation seems to be. I don’t care who you are, you are stronger than you realize. Learn to find comfort in the little things and renew your hope with minor victories.

   A positive state of mind is the best defense in a negative situation.     


  1. Hi, I am looking for preper near St.Louis county, that I can work with and be prepare for. I have seen enough, and there things I don't understand. I don't want to explain on internet but I know I need to change some way to live. I am plan on getting ready whenever the event come,.. don't know what it is

    1. StLouis Area Preppers on Face Book is the only reference I have. Not a large group, just a few locals getting to know each other, but might be a good place to start networking.

  2. iv had a hard time finding like minded people as well.


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